Turnkey vs. Open Books: Two Contracting Systems with the Same Objective

Large-scale projects, especially in specialized sectors such as the pharmaceutical industry, require precise and efficient management.

The inherent complexity of these projects entails a series of difficulties: multiple interdependent factors, cost variability, execution deadlines, compliance with specific regulations, among others. In this scenario, the figure of the trusted manager, with experience and in-depth knowledge of the sector, is fundamental.

The bidding stage is one of the most complex and decisive. This is where two contracting systems come into play that can greatly facilitate the process: turnkey projects and Open Books contracting.

Both have a common goal: to provide an effective framework that is tailored to the customer’s needs. But what exactly do they consist of and what are the fundamental differences between them?

Open Book vs. Llave en Mano

Turnkey Projects

A turnkey project implies a comprehensive service. Project, deadlines and costs are agreed at the time of contracting, making the project management company responsible for the project until delivery of the agreed installations.

It is a method that offers greater peace of mind, as a clear roadmap is established from the outset.

Open Books Recruitment

On the other hand, contracting through Open Books is a management system in which the owner is directly involved in the contracting of the different items and phases of the project.

These are carried out transparently and on a competitive basis, under the management of the company in charge.

This method provides greater direct control and allows for on-the-fly adjustments.


When comparing these two systems in order to adopt the most appropriate one in each case, it is useful to consider several key aspects:

The choice between one system or the other will depend to a large extent on the customer’s needs, preferences and capacity for involvement. At Global Facilities Group, we offer both contracting systems and provide advice on the choice of the most appropriate system for each case.

Our commitment is to always keep our clients informed with total rigor and honesty, helping them to make the best decisions for their project.

Contact us for more information and start your project with the confidence of having an experienced and committed manager.