The comprehensive development of a GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) production plant is a complex task that requires the collaboration of a highly specialized multidisciplinary team. Each phase of the project requires specific skills and knowledge.

The following is an ideal structure and organization of a theoretical work team, grouped by phases and specialties, specifying the functions of each professional profile.

Equipo Multidisciplinar para el Desarrollo de una Planta de Producción GMP

Teams by development stage

Planning and Development Phase

Product Development and Feasibility Studies Team:

Engineering and Design Team:

Construction Phase

Technical Project Team:

Construction Team:

Validation and Certification Phase

Validation Team:

Teams by development stage

Maintenance Team:

The development of a GMP production plant is a complex process that requires the collaboration of multiple specialties. With a well-structured and highly qualified team, it is possible to ensure that the plant meets the highest quality and safety standards.

At Global Facilities Group, we understand the importance of customizing the most appropriate team for each project, without oversizing it or forgetting any essential aspect, thus guaranteeing success and efficiency in each phase of the project.