The strength
of a great group

We add capacities and generate synergies

Global Facilities Group

Three reference companies offering a unique service.

Global Facilities Group is a group of three leading companies born to offer a unique service in the market due to its magnitude and degree of specialization.

Thanks to the capabilities and coordinated work of its three teams, Global Facilities Group is able to develop and start up, turnkey, all kinds of GMP production facilities – From laboratories or clean rooms to complete production plants.

All this with a single dialogue, a strict control of deadlines, costs and quality and a total coordination between the different companies involved.

Dopec Pharma is a specialist in architecture, engineering and construction of all types of buildings for the health sciences and the pharmaceutical industry.

Iguña Pharma is dedicated to the integral management of clean rooms and classified spaces and is also a manufacturer of modular systems for sanitary architecture and auxiliary and process equipment.

Orbital Pharma offers a wide portfolio of specialized services: Pharmaceutical and process engineering, audits, certifications, validation, calibration, training, development and registration (regulatory affairs), CDMO, testing …

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Specialists in multiple sectors

All types of GMP production facilities for all types of industries.

Planta de Producción cosmética
Manipulación alimentaria GMP
Planta de Producción farmacéutica
Planta de Producción farmacéutica
Planta de Producción farmacéutica
Planta de Producción cosmética

We have extensive experience in all kinds of
 services and supplies for:


Great figures that support us.

The strength of a large group is based on the capabilities of its partners, three companies of recognized prestige, with more than 20 years of history each and figures that show their potential and experience:

m 2 built

Built 24,277m², 13,728m² in the construction process and 17,881m² in the project phase.

Completed projects

996 projects completed, 331 machines delivered, 175 installations under maintenance and 76,000 m 2 of panel installed in the last 4 years

Satisfied customers

More than 150 clients from the pharmaceutical, cosmetic and food industries, research centers and institutions